Little Brown Bear

This little brown bear is wishing you the beary best!  This bear was made as an example for a card making convention last year.  He was showing off my stamp set...awe, so sweet of him! I used watercolor paper and watercolors to color him in.  Simple  and sweet! 

You can find this bear stamp set here:

I'm currently working on a Warm & Cozy stamp set featuring a different kind of bear.  Look out for that little guys soon.

Sweet Bear Illustration Handmade Card

Card Design by Jill Hawkins

My bear design used for this cute greeting card.  I designed this little guy last year for Technique Tuesday.  See more of my designs for Technique Tuesday here:


Sunflower Bear/Lion

Here is my little Sunflower bear or Lion as Cat's Pajamas calls him.  Jessica made the most adorable card.  I love the colors and those buttons are so beautiful. 

Valentine Bear

Little Valentine Bear!  He's ready to celebrate the big sweet love day with you :)  I'm working on more digital stamps for my card making site.  This bear is part of the Valentine series.  I drew him with a #3 micron pen then edited him with Gimp and Inkscape.  This little bear is ready for fun!

A Teddy Bear With Heart

This bear was drawn on thick paper bag paper.  I used a sharpie to out line the little guy in black then colored him in with Prisma-Color colored pencils.  He wears his heart on the outside.  Such a sensitive bear!

Christmas Bear

Cute Christmas bear!  I used sharpie and colored pencil on Bristol board for this happy holiday bear.  I made Christmas cards out of this bear and sold them at a bazaar one year.  Pretty successful sales that year too.  Thanks Mr. Christmas bear!


Little Tiger Bear ready for Halloween.  This bear was inspired by my big tiger painting "Fred" we have in the living room.  Fred is a 1970's painting that I had when I was a kid.  I wish I knew where Fred came from but after tons of research I need to let it go.  I will never know who the artist "Fred" is and where the painting came from.

Bear Heads and Vectors

Making bear vectors!  I love Inkscape.  I'm messing around and making the bear heads into vectors for web design.  Fun! 

Big Brown Moon Struck Chocolate Bear

Big watercolor bear!  Love this soft cuddly bear.  He sold really fast off the wall of Moon Struck Chocolate cafe where he hung for two days.  Hooray!  He has a home in someone's house now.  This bear was painted with watercolor on smooth hot press paper.


Teddy Bear Heads
I didn't cut them off a bear!  They are ready to make buttons and magnets.